About the Bros.

The Kelleher brothers are a whimsical group of musically inclined siblings, known for their original compositions and quality puns. A variety of shared interests exist between brothers, including writing music, writing books, playing soccer, skateboarding, and playing/commenting on video games.

Bro #1: Denis


The eldest Kelleher brother, Denis resides in Fort Dodge, Iowa. A phenomenal drummer and legendary figure in the northwestern Iowa underground metal scene, he has an encyclopedic knowledge of heavy rock. This makes Denis the brothers' expert on all things METAL. 🤘


Bro #2: Mike

Responsible father and aerospace engineer by day, badass composer by night. Mike makes eclectic chillout downbeat lounge music under the moniker Nova Maru (formerly Komorébi). The brothers' expert on music production, he records out of his home studio in Seattle, WA.

Check out Mike's work on, SoundCloud, and Bandcamp.


Bro #3: Luke

Lucas is a writer and group fitness instructor living in Seattle, WA with his wife Marissa. In 2015, he published his first book, the humorous Japan travel guide/memoir, Shakotan Blue.

He is the editor of Kelleher Bros. and writer of most content (so he's also responsible for all of typos.) He dabbles in game development too, which you can see on our page.

Read Luke's prodigious collection of puns at And if you're wondering what games he's playing, check out his twitter @propelleher.

Switch ID: 7954-6495-8584
PSN & Steam: propelleher


Bro #4: Kevin

Kevin is an author, composer, and playwright living in New York City. He is the author of the high-flying, fantasy/adventure series, Chronicles of Gilderam, and his plays and musicals are performed regularly around the country. He’s the brothers' expert on fantasy, roleplaying, and card & tabletop board games.

Check out Kevin's work at his website and follow him on Twitter @kevinfkelleher.


Bro #5: Patrick


The youngest Kelleher brother, Patrick might be the most musically talented. An excellent guitarist and bass player, his musicianship is paired with fantastic songwriting skills. Catchy hooks, counter-melodies, and poetic lyrics abound in his various works. Besides musical contributions, Patrick writes the occasional video game review/opinion piece on this site. He currently resides in Badger, Iowa.

Listen to more of Patrick's work on SoundCloud.  

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