Haunted House Music remix

Just in time for Halloween, Mike's latest remix appears: Haunted House. Produced for Beatport and Vudu Records' Halloween contest, Mike used samples provided by Vudu Records and My Digital Enemy. He also added vocal samples recorded by his child daughter, a haunting touch that's become something of his calling card. After building a solid house vibe with creepy voices and ominous bells, it's the epic organ solo late in the song that breaks the mold altogether, resulting in a payoff very reminiscent of Castlevania on the SNES.

And if the song wasn't spooky enough, this track just happens to be the 31st track added to the Kelleher Bros. Mega-Playlist. A Halloween track that lands at number 31...could that be a coincidence? (Yes, actually, it is a coincidence.)

Happy Halloween, everybody!