The Last Of The Mohicans remix

More than a simple remix, this epic track is a bootleg / mashup / remix of several tracks from "The Last of the Mohicans", one of Mike's all-time favorite film soundtracks. The tracks used are listed below. 

01. Main titles
03. The kiss
06. Promentory
10. The courier
16. I will find you (by Clannad)

Note from Mike: These tracks are from the original 1992 film soundtrack. There is a newer director's cut DVD and associated soundtrack that made many changes, including the removal of the Clannad song. Find the original if you can.

Mike wanted to do a track like this for many years, but only got started on it after he and his wife started dating. She had told him how she used to listen to the main theme from this soundtrack when she was rowing, as the BPM was just about perfect for the rhythm that she rowed with. So the original idea was to just make an extended version of that that that she could use for her rowing workouts. Mike just couldn't resist going all out and making it awesome.