Hide The Sunlight (Rob Garza ft. Sutja Gutiérrez) remix

Do you like remixes that innovate so heavily on the source material that they basically become a completely different song altogether? Well then you're gonna love Mike's latest track, a remix of Rob Garza's Hide the Sunlight. Made for a remix contest on Beatport, the track takes the nu-disco/disco house of the original and creates something distinctly original and downright uplifting. While still remaining chill house music, the mood of this track is a great departure from the source material. And it's awesome.

One of the first things you'll notice about the remix is the vocal stylings of a very young kid. That's actually Mike's two-year-old daughter making her musical debut. For those of you not so versed in the toddler's quirky little sentences, here's what she's saying:

Where'd the sunlight go...?
Where'd the sunlight go, mom?
Where'd it go?
There it is!
I found sunlight!
I found you... (Mike's favorite)

The classic 80s synth bass and smooth organ-y pad sound come from a Roland Juno 106. The Kelleher Bros. grew up with that synthesizer.

Mike was particularly interested in this remix contest because of the sponsoring artist, Rob Garza. As one half of Thievery Corporation, Garza has been influential to Mike musically, as well as in the practice of 'do-it-yourself' recording using a mixture of live instruments and electronic elements.