Wandering Alone (Torbjørn feat. Vicci Martinez) remix

There’s a new Nova Maru remix out, and this one you can find in all major stores and streaming platforms. This track was part of remix contest by local Seattle artist, Torbjørn, to promote his collaboration with Tacoma native, Vicci Martinez. Netflix viewers will probably recognize Martinez from her acting work, she plays the character Daddy in season 6 of Orange Is the New Black.

Torbjørn’s original track is a growly bass music number, which you can listen to on YouTube below. Mike’s take on the song goes in a distinctly different direction, opting for a groovy house vibe that brings the disco funk.


So this another Nova Maru remix the delivers a completely different sound than contest organizers were expecting. Vicci Martinez personally liked Mike’s funky fresh track, so score another point for disco’s inevitable revival.